David Cameron picks on Sarkozy’s height

2010 August 16
by Manny
David Cameron & Nicolas Sarkozy

Cameron on the Left, Sarkozy on the Right

Earlier this year, the  French government complained about David Cameron of the UK making fun of Sarkozy’s  height. Cameron made a remark about “hidden dwarfs” when talking about a picture of himself and Sarkozy. George Osborne, the shadow chancellor at the time, also took a jab at Sarkozy when he removed a stool from behind a lectern and called it the “Sarkozy Box”. Sarkozy is 5 feet 5 inches tall and Cameron is seven inches taller. You would think that being the President of France would some how save Sarkozy from schoolyard height related put downs but sadly that is not the case. It doesn’t suit the leader of the UK to make such remarks about the head of state of a fellow EU country. However, it would have been best for the French government to ignore these jibes instead of making an official complaint. It reinforces the stereotype that height related put downs are an easy way to get under the skin of a short statured person. Read the complete story here.

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